Dmitriy Borysenko

There is only one way to detect a professional in his field: it is he who tells you what to do, not you, who tell him. So why when coming to the style studios you yourself have to explain what haircut you want and how you want it to be done?

In Dmitriy Borysenko Style Studio we not only fulfill your wishes, we create style. We know that hairstyle and hair color change person’s character, hers/his attitude to the world and the world's attitude toward her/him. We are not afraid to take responsibility for our work and for your image! 

“More than six years ago I opened my studio. Then I wanted that in Kiev there was at last a place where professionalism would be at the head of everything. I am always happy to listen the client’s opinion. But as a professional, I am the one who takes responsibility for the finite image, therefore, it’s me who makes the finale decision. I create only those hairstyles, which match the appearance, character and style of life of the person. Individual approach is the basis of my work. 

Industry of beauty is very competitive and dynamic. To be the best and to give my clients only the best, I go to Europe to study several times a year.

For twelve years of practice I have worked out huge amount of haircuts, systems and techniques. And thus I know very well what salon styling is after the haircut and how hard it can for the client to recreate it her/himself at home. Images, that we create, except the style, presume also a convenient self-care.”

Yours Faithfully,