“I agree to experiment with client’s image only in the case, when I know that the changes will do good.”

“Hair color can change life! I’ve proven it myself!”

“When you know, what you want, you will always find suitable tools to achieve your goal.”

“I love creativity in any of its manifestations. I will find the appropriate time to record and gladly take a photo of your image.”

“We must always develop a taste of style. And preferably in all directions.”

Founder of the studio and top stylist of La Biosthetique Ukraine. Specializes in women haircuts and hairdos, hair coloring, express make-up. He is an expert who can create the image as a whole. He dreamt to be hair-stylist since he was 5, and for 12 years he has embodied his dream into reality. Finished "Academy of Art of Beauty", Academy Dolores in Moscow in 2003 with the qualification “Hair stylist”. He also studied in Germany, France and Great Britain.

She is the colorist with working experience of more than three years, the technologist of professional Japanese hair cosmetics Lebel. After graduating from Higher Professional Hairstyling College she attended the course in Dmitriy Borysenko Style Studio. After the course she became the part of the team. Today her list of diplomas from master classes and workshops of leading stylists of Ukraine and Russia is almost uncountable.

The manager of our studio. As well as a great master of eyebrows and makeup. She will make your image truly complete and full.

The administrator of our studio. As well as a great photographer. Capture a new image or shoot a great collection of the studio - his favourite thing!

Assistant - colorist. For 8 years has been working in the field of fashion and style. But he decided to devote himself more diligently to beautiful hair. He studied hairdressing at the HairDesign Academy, practiced in Style-studio Dmitry Borysenko and later became part of her team.